Custom Software Development


Global Tech Solution develops customized software solution for businesses as per the needs of the businesses. We develop platform independent software solutions for different businesses. Our software solutions meet the unique demands of our customers.

We are a team of skilled specialists in designing and developing custom software for businesses. We do a thorough research of the businesses of our customers. We use the knowledge of different businesses to build efficient and responsive custom software solutions for our clients accordingly. We provide complete software solution for the needs of our client’s business. We also offer maintenance service with our custom software development service.


Global Tech Solution has created a niche in the field of developing custom software solutions for different businesses and exercises highly-professional approach. Our custom software solution for different businesses provide a higher level of client satisfaction than any off the shelf product in market. Our strength lies in:

  • A strong team of skilled and experienced workers
  • Quality service providing capability and mindset
  • Consistency

We offer different types of custom business solutions for different business needs. Our expertise covers different types of business solutions along with the following ones:

Online Ordering: We offer custom digital solutions that provide online ordering services. We develop software’s to manage the online orders accordingly and efficiently. Our online ordering service software are very efficient and easy-to-use for the end users of every level. Our software solutions are designed to provide remote access to real time reports on orders, customer management, and guest user experiences and improve the overall efficiency of the order management system.

Booking Service Solution: We develop custom software solution for booking or reservation services. Our booking service solutions are easy and efficient to manage the bookings for different business practices along with the special requests (if applicable in the business practices), it also includes secure data entry for safety of users and quick update on orders is assured.

HRM Software: G-Tech Solution also have a great expertise in developing Human Resource Management Software for different business practices. We design and develop HRM software to meet the need of your business. Our HRM Software solutions provide quality Personnel Information Management (PIM) system and Leave and Time-off Management as well. Among the other great features of our HRM Management Software solutions, we offer very efficient Performance Management and Recruitment Management systems.

Point of Sales (POS): We offer software solutions for business practices that are willing to embrace or already have the Point of Sales (POS) service. Our customized software solutions provide the most efficient support for the POS system for businesses accordingly. Our POS Software includes a thorough Product and Customer Searching facility, efficient Discount Management and Customized Receipt Generation feature as needed.

Sales Software: We develop customized Sales Service Software Solutions for different businesses. Our efficient Sales System software products meet the unique needs of the business of clients. We include Customized Tags and Filters, Mobile Based Sales Management facilities and Personalized Notification Features for your business, so our clients can cam customize their notifications according to their priorities.

Accounting Software: Accounting software are rather important for businesses. We have expertise in developing accounting software solution to fit the needs of different business practices. Our Accounting Software solutions include easy invoicing, efficient handling of Multiple Currencies, Sales Tax Management, Data Security and a Dashboard to show the overview of whole business. Our Accounting Software solutions are sure to meet your needs.

Purchase Software: We offer customized software solutions for Purchase Management as well. Our Purchase Management Software solutions meet the specific needs of client’s purchase management needs really well and is developed to manage the purchase activities efficiently. From creating efficient Purchase Orders to Managing Suppliers, our Purchase Management Software is very handy. It is also possible to track the Purchasing History and Purchase Workflow easily.

Stock and Inventory: We develop very efficient Stock and Inventory solutions. Our Stock and Inventory Management Systems are efficient for keeping track and managing the Stock and Inventory of businesses and are customized according to the need of different businesses. Using our Stock and Inventory Management Software it is easy to track items by the serial numbers. Product List and Invoices are managed efficiently in this software.

Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS): G-Tech Solution has extensive experience across Enterprise Business Solutions suite of applications spanning Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence and Performance Management. We provide end-to-end service offerings and industry leading solutions around Telecoms, Manufacturing Logistics, Retail and much more. We offer a great range of Enterprise Business Solution (EBS) services for any kind of business.


We develop the custom software solution for businesses in a regularized process. We start from analyzing your business requirements as per the kind of business you deal in. With a detailed requirement analysis in our hand, of course along with the confirmation of our client we enter the development phase.

We develop each custom software for businesses with the given set of requirements. We use the latest tools and technologies available. We develop and test the websites for any sort of bugs or missing functionalities.

Therefore, you get a bug free, platform independent software for your business that will surely enhance your business efficiency and support your business to grow. However, we also provide maintenance service for the custom software’s we build.


We are a team of officially certified and highly professional experts and talented website developers with technological expertise and thorough knowledge about the industry. We focus on quality. We optimize the best combination of quality, budget and time limit. That is why G Tech solution is a great investment for your business.


We master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions using the following technologies:

web development
  • Back end and desktop: Java, PHP, python, Node.js, .NET Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apache Cordova, Xamarin
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, MongoDB